Practice Approach

At TALP, we believe in nurturing and sustaining relationships with our clients.

We are committed to providing exceptional legal business tailored solutions.

Our major goal is to understand and know our clients better and attend to their needs with keen focus.

Our clients’ interests are our core practice values and therefore we work with the strictest confidence.

In our practice and service we purpose to respond in a timely manner to our clients’ needs. We pledge to deliver timely results on all assignments.

We strive to achieve and maintain high levels of service quality and work performance excellence. Any related challenges that are identified would be resolved appropriately.

Conflict of Interest

We understand the repercussions of working in an environment where we are conflicted and we commit to declare to our clients as such and shall promptly resolve any such potential conflicts

          Areas of Practice

Company Law and Corporate Governance matters

Corporate law and Corporate Governance is a key aspect for strategic performance and ultimate success of a company.

Failure to comply with the regulatory requirements, provision of full and adequate information to a Board for effective decisions, would expose the Company, expose the Directors to liability, cause reputational risk, financial losses and lead to failure to generate shareholder returns.

As Company Secretaries, we would provide the following services;

  • Advise to directors, shareholders and in-house legal counsel on a range of company law and corporate governance matters to ensure that the decisions they take are in line with the laws and prevailing regulatory
  • We would provide advice on matters to do with share capital, equity and debt capital, shareholder rights, status of directors and their duties, directors’ liabilities and responsibilities and corporate governance.
  • We also undertake due diligence work with all statutory regulatory bodies and entities to ensure that all the statutory requirements as are required by law are met and complied with on a regular basis
  • We provide services for new entities in terms of the legal requirements, draft the requisite documentation and execute them as well.
  • Attend Board, General and Shareholder meetings, take minutes, serve the requisite notices and inform the respective persons and ensure that all Board Resolutions are filed as is required by law.
  • Work together with management team to prepare the Annual Report in line with the expectations of the law and international best practices on Corporate Governance.
  • We undertake to file all statutory requirements within the respective timeframes as is stipulated under the law and render appropriate advice.
  • The team would also be responsible for providing legal advisory services to the Board of Directors and senior management.
  • Coordinate Board Evaluation and trainings to ensure that the Board has the right skill and expertise to execute their roles and provide strategic direction to the Company.
  • The team would be available for other services as such or may be required by the Company.

Banking and Finance

Our professional team has gained experience in Banking and Finance, having advised several banking and financial institutions over a time.

The firm would provide advisory services on any matters that are related to Banking and finance products, which may include;

  • Trade Finance.
  • Asset Financing.
  • Insurance and related products.
  • Project and Property Finance.
  • Letters of Credit.
  • Structured Trade Finance.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Transaction Advisory.
  • Commodity Finance and debt restructuring.
  • Securitization and/or mortgage registration.
  • Review of advanced loan documentation.
  • Debt collection.
  • Conducting of general due diligence and compliance requirements.
  • General advisory services.
  • Litigation that arises

General Corporate Practice

The firm has the requisite expertise to deal with other matters of a corporate nature and these would include;

Ø  Negotiations.

Ø  Transaction advisory.

Ø  Corporate re-structuring and re-organizations.

Ø  Mergers and acquisitions.

Ø  Joint ventures.

Ø  Regulatory and document reviews.

Ø  General sensitization on matters pertaining to the law.

Ø  Advisory on Shareholder rights.

Ø  Sale and Disposal of Shares.

Ø  Due diligence for corporate entities.

Ø  Filing of statutory returns.

Ø  Filing of Company resolutions.


The firm conducts litigation in all areas covering civil relationships to include;

Ø  Corporate and contractual matters.

Ø  Land matters.

Ø  Succession and Family matters.

Ø  Employment and labour related matters.

The team has gained experience and expertise in litigating in all superior and lower courts of the land.

Employment and Pension related matters

Our professional advisors have gained over seven years’ experience in handling employment related matters.

Because we know that the current legal framework is more focused on protecting employees’ rights, and therefore it has created ground for exposure of employers to litigation which subsequently affects the returns, should the courts  order compensation to the employees; therefore at TALP we invest quality time and expertise in;

Ø  Conducting of document audits to ensure that all staff policies and those within the organization are in line with the law and protect the employers favorably.

Ø  Review employment contracts to ensure that they are in line with the law and are robust enough to minimize legal exposure of the Organization to frivolous suits.

Ø  Develop disciplinary procedures and or mechanisms that govern the conduct of disciplinary hearings should they arise within the Organization.

Ø  Deal with matters to do with Workers Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations and any such related matters.

Ø  Represent the Organization in any disputes that may arise from time to time, but more so, ensure pro-active actions are taken to avoid escalating matters to court.

Ø  Handle any matters that require discussions with Trade Unions and how to resolve such matters.

Ø  Training of staff and Management teams of different entities on the law, especially regarding employment matters.

Ø  Handle any matters that would be filed for mediation or with the Industrial Court for action.

  • Provision of advisory services for work permits and other related immigration matters where foreign staff are

The Firm would also provide legal advisory services to Staff pension funds on regulatory compliance and taking effective investment decisions with respective fund managers and also keen follow up with Fund Administrators.

Intellectual Property

The Team can provide legal services on conducting registrations and renewal of various intellectual property rights to include trademarks, patents and industrial designs with the relevant statutory authorities. We also handle all forms of litigation related to enforcement and in defense of intellectual property rights.

Real Estate

Our Team has the knowledge and skill to advice on;

  • Real estate transactions.
  • Conducting of due diligences.
  • Review and handling of matters on leases and general conveyancing.
  • Handling and advising on both local and international property related matters as well as handling of any disputes that may arise in such transactions.

Contract Law and

General Vendor Management

We have proven capacity to advise on all areas relating to contract negotiation, management and enforcement.

This would involve advising both local and multinational entities on the key contractual aspects that are relevant to commercial agency, distribution and franchising.

These may include;

  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Restraint of trade and other related restrictions.
  • Relationship of the parties and indemnification provisions.
  • Business image and operating standards.
  • Tax considerations.
  • Other relevant matters such as dealer due diligence and contentious proceedings.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Contracts.
  • Supplier Contracts.
  • Construction Contracts.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Water Supply and Management contracts; and
  • Other related contracts.